Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pro Exam fever

Assalamualaikum and hai :) 
It's surely been awhile since i last check in this place. It's just been a hectic year(s) for me, u know with all of that studying stuff and pretend that i know something when the lecturer throw you a bunch of medical questions. Anyhow, it's the study week until professional exam on 29/6/15. 535 topics to revise yet so little time. Oh i'm already in year 2 just in case you're wondering :) this pro exam will mark the end of pre-clinical years! InsyaAllah, if we pass that is. Which we will! Amin. I feel like preparing for spm all over again, it's just filled with mixed emotions and feelings, like u don't know wether you're prepared or not. But you just gotta have faith in Allah and study. Just work hard and pray hard. And eat lol. Oh! Tomorrow will be the first day of ramadhan! Selamat menyambut bulan ramadhan to all! May this ramadhan be better than the last one, InsyaAllah :) and yes, our professional exam is during the ramadhan month! Which is exciting, i think hehe. Ok enough with the ranting, i just hope that my friends and i will excell this exam with flying colours. Pray for us tho! We really reaaally need it :( till next time!