Saturday, September 29, 2012


Assalamualaikum and hai :) i don't know, just feel like blogging. but not a single thing is popping up in my mind right now. oh, please mind my language. (jadi omputeh jap untuk entry kali ni). am currently waiting for my laptop to shut down so that i wouldn't be bothered by this temptation that everybody is facing a.k.a the INTERNET *you know you do* perhaps every student's mortal enemy. *insert scary music background here* so apparently, this upcoming tuesday is our first paper which is maths. then you know the rest with the remaining subjects. no need to list them out here i guess. go look up in i-learn ! okay stop it farisa, stop it. now it's 10.24pm. i just vowed (hoping really) to myself just now that i would be surfing the net just until 9.30pm :( oh look at the time. i didn't know it can fly that fast ! what type of wings do you have ? why time. whyyy. have mercy please ! we beg youuu. slow downnn for a moment for pete's sake ! (i really don't know where on earth did that idiom come from). i'm suffocating heree, you are just about to commit crime my buddy oh pal. please excuse the nonsense i'm making right now. maybe this is the effect of stress ? nahh, i'm not stressed out of anything. :') it's just that so little time yet so many things to do.

true. but please don't do stupid things. YOLO. try to benefit time as much as you possibly can. the choice is in your hands. *wuuuu* ~ 

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