Friday, December 19, 2014

I hate IT

I hate it. I hate evrything about it. And that IT is actually me. I don't know what is wrong with me. It seems like all i did went down the drain. Like all of my energy in working on something gone into waste. And everything just doesn't seem to fall into their own place. And when people are trying to comfort me, i tend to push them away. Like i don't need them but really i do. It's just that it's irritating to have someone bugging on you every second just to see if you're okay. I know it's supposed to be caring, and sweet and all but i don't know. For me, it's just..getting on my nerves and i wanted it to stop. I think i accidentally scolded the person and i really didn't mean to. Yknow the feeling when you're fed up with something and you just wanted it to end for god's sake. Like stop asking me if i'm okay! Why do you think i'm not! I'm not a psychopath or anything. It literally bugs me. And the pressure. Oh i haven't started on the pressure yet. But that's just another whole story, which i'll get back to you later. For now, yea. I hate IT 

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