Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Medic, here i come.

Asaalamualaikum and hi :) i hope it's not too late to wish selamat menyambut ramadhan :D (of course it's too late, duh). 8 days more to syawal people ! hope all of us will benefit the time left as we may or may just not meet the next ramadhan. so enjoy it while it lasts. and when i say enjoy, i mean having the pleasure in devoting to Allah and really hoping for Allah's forgiveness :) you know, while the satans are still tied up and all. but really, i can't fully understand why there are so many crimes happening during this fasting month. it's like twice a week sort of crime. almost everyday there's a new victim being killed (based on the news that is) whyy. it's heartbreaking. i mean, of all the months. just give this month a break already. we're supposed to cleanse our hearts, not fill it with darkness and sprinkle it with pure evil. *sigh* just thought of letting that out of my chest. but i hope these last 8 days are filled with harmony and peace for once.

okay moving on, my birthday has passed. ehem (28/7) ehem. thank you for all the wishes :) and thank you to my family for the treat at secret recipe :) i got new shoesss heheh. oh and i bought myself a novel too ! (self treat, yeay) so yeah, i'm legally 19 now :D my last year to be an actual teenager. once i turn 20, i'll becoming an adult already. i feel old. heck, i'm not regreting it though. we just have to face it. nobody's getting younger. and before you know it, we'll all be having grandchildren. (too soon ? probably)

so that's about it for my birthday haha. now's the real deal. my upu result. Alhamdulillah i got offered to join medicine (MBBS240) at uitm sg.buloh :) the degree starts in september. so one month left till the hectic schedule begins. i'm so pumped up but scared at the same time :( just hoping i'll get through those 5 years with a breeze. (pfft not gonna happen i presume) it's going to be a hell of a lifetime experience. hardwork and determination. come on farisa, you can do this. you have Allah to help you and your family and friends to support each other. yes yes. this is just the beginning of a new entire page in becoming a true muslimah doctor :) InsyaAllah Amin. aim high and pray hard :)


  1. welkome to uitm faculty of medicine!!
    jmpe anda di sna =)