Friday, July 5, 2013

"why do i wear hijab"

Assalamualaikum :) so to start off, i would like to welcome july. welcome to 2013 ! please, make yourself at home. (it's already the 5th of july farisa) like i care *roll eyes* hehe. so yeah, just thought i would share this video with all of you out there. it's quite interesting yet inspiring :) well it's a 10 minute video, but come on. this is good stuff people. how many times would you run into a video of a gothic christian talking about wearing a hijab ? (yes, she's a gothic christian) uh, none. this would be your first i presume. you bet it would. please, please do spend some time watching this. you won't regret... (i hope) well i didn't. enjoy :D

let's just pray for this lady that someday, Allah would open her eyes and give her hidayah in converting to Islam, the right path :) Amin. oh, you can also take a look at her other videos too. there's one where she talks on why she isn't a muslim. (yet) and let's just pray that one day, she'll realize that Islam is without a doubt, the best path for her. not just her, but aslo others who literally need it. and to us, who were already born as muslims, don't ever take Allah and Islam for granted. we should also improve ourselves day by day into becoming a better muslim. :) hope you enjoy the video ! 

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