Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Assalamualaikum. heyhihello. post ni maybe ada berbaur unsur kemarahan sikit. it's really not about me at all. i just want to express my anger and my feeling of "menyampah" towards people who think they're ugly when they're really not. i mean like come on lah. "if only i can be as pretty as her" "oh nooo, buruk nyew muka titew nieww" "sorrylah kalau aku hodoh nak buat macam mana" like seriously people ?! Allah created us and  Allah's creations are all beautiful. there's no doubt about that. i'm not pointing this to anybody. siapa terasa tu silalah terasa. i've seen this "phenomenon" a lot lately and it really gets to me and irritates me massively. apa paedahnya dorang nak kata dorang "hodoh" in public ? oh dorang nak orang cakap cemni eh "eh takdelah awak. manada awak hodoh. awak cantiklah cutelah bla bla blahh" no need lahh. you yourself know that you're beautiful and you don't have to hear it from other people just to be convinced about it. biasalah tu . everybody has insecurities but that doesn't mean you have to point them out to the world. just keep it to yourself and work on it if it's even necessary. okay katakanlah cemni. everybody thinks you're beautiful. and then you're just like "eh manada. kita tak cantiklah. hodoh sangat kita ni" apa perasaan orang yang "kurang cantik" daripada awak ? memang rasa macam shrek lah kan. just be grateful lah ada orang puji and just say thank you. kalau tak pun cakap jelah "awak pun cantik jugak" so it's a win2 situation lah kan haha. i'm sorry if anybody got offended when reading this but i just had to. mual tahu tak mual. :'( saya dah bagi dah warning this post would be filled with anger :3 hehe. 

cliche i know but if i didn't tell you this then who would ? besides your parents. (because they're your parents) insecurity is a pretty serious issue without anybody noticing. it can be a major cause of suicide yet nobody even cares. it can be the actual origin of bully yet nobody even gives a crap. (excuse my choice of words).  the point is, we just can't help it when it comes to insecurities do we. it's normal to feel insecure. but wouldn't it be better if we just feel good about ourselves ? people would spend a huge amount of money just to feel pretty and that's not even necessary. liposuction, plastic surgery, botox ? blergh. beauty is subjective. :) and don't let anyone tell us that we're not beautiful because they're obviously bluffing ;)


  1. yeayyy. saya setujukkk. high five Alia. hehe

  2. lol, can't stop laughing but agree at the same time. But yeahh I kinda do it too sometimes, but i dunno if i've posted it on twitter of fb o.O. anyways. good post :)

    -amira lotfi

  3. semua yang Dia cipta cantiklah ^^