Monday, January 7, 2013

Ramble On Things #ROT1

Assalamualaikum and hi good morning evening day night whatever :3 so i'm gonna start with this so called "segment" which is Ramble On Things. It's where i ramble randomly and just blurt out things whenever i want to. It doesn't have to make sense though. So if you can't stand with what i'm about to write (threat lah konon eheh) you have my honour to go elsewhere :) so basicly everybody's fussing about muet and i'm sick of the stereotyped people when it comes to comparing. So what if you get extraordinary kinds of bands ? You don't have the rights to put others down. It's all about "rezeki" and has everything to do with Allah's planning. And one more thing, people nowadays should learn more about the word "respect". Respect other people's decisions. Don't go punching across their faces with your uncivilised words, your words of so called "wisdom". We just can't satisfy everybody do we. There's always that one hole that loves to dig in and gives us flaws. And oh yeah, if you want to know my result for muet then dream on because i'm not going to tell. Let it be zipped and kept safe in my own vault where nobody will ever find out the passcode to open it. We live in this sort of discombobulated world we might think but it's not about the world, it's not even about the universe. It's about the people who are breathing air in it. Why complicate things that are just as simple as ABC 123 ? If i'm not gonna tell, i'm not gonna tell. You'll just have to endure it. But i'm thinking of repeating the test and that's my decision so please respect and don't ask me why :) thank you.

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