Saturday, January 12, 2013

new year's resolution ?

Assalamualaikum haiiii hyeee heyyy hellooo, annoying i know. i'm also a petulant sort of person sometimes. well, make that most of the time. before that ! whoever didn't try kit kat bites yet, go run and get one like pronto ! i'm eating it right now so it's cute if we're eating it at the same time hahaha k. wait for it.... okay it's gone. nyumm scrumptious. :9 <--- so basically this is a smiley licking its lips hahaha what the. okay moving on. so i'm at home naooo <-- yes one more thing, what is this. naoo ? come on, just write now. everbody's doing it as if it's a cool trend, well for me it's slightly the opposite hehe sorry. you stopped with bm rempit so you're starting a new revolution with english rempit ? NO. JUST. NO. (the world is really ending obviously) okay ! got hafazan tomorrow but i only memorized until 7. another 8 to go ! ..... hahaha my mom just asked for the kit kat bites grinning and i was like "err dah habis" hahaha kesian mama. told ya you got to have it fast. but there's plenty more where that came from. just buy it at giant or any chocolate shop. but if it's out of stock.... well sucks being you then. hehehe sorry. okay.... posting about new year's resolution and whatnot on the 1st of jan is too mainstream so that's why i'm posting it in the middle of jan hewhew (you can slap me nao.. now) and you must think... i start with the topic only after i blabble about other stuff which is about a whole paragraph ?! well.... lookie here, i've just wasted  your time he he. mission accomplished :P (1st year resolution : check) seee, it relatessss hahaha :3 okay that's cruel. i just hope and pray hard that 2013 is going to be a wonderful year filled with uncountable beautiful memories awaiting ahead. :) because.... 2012 has been very hard for me... i tried as much as i could to not hate 2012... and i didn't because you know why.. besides the painful obstacles i faced, i've also met wonderful friends in palam and they've coloured my "silver lining" into a rainbow lining haha is there such thing ? well i say there is. follow what i say haha :P and also my parents... with their supply of oxygen, well support i mean, i've got it through. i've encountered vast amount of failures in 2012 and i just don't do failures. it really is a shock for me. a darn hard smack on my face. but i guess, that's what makes me stronger.. err i really hope so :/ i just can't bear with failures (eh asal budak ni, bajet gilerrr) yes i know. i've said it once and i'm going to say it once more that maybe we do need failures in our life to keep us aware of our mistakes. and it gives us the urge to keep on continuing in improving ourselves, *coughs* istiqamah *coughs* some may think that istiqamah is being consistent but it's actually the practice of self-improving from time to time in everything we do. so yeah, at least we learn something here. never give up ? yeah i'll take that. 2013 ! bring it onnn. ;)

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