Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Assalamualaikum hiii :) yeah so, its been a while since i've posted something on this "box" of mine. i shall name my blog "boxie"... =.= know what i'm saying here ? yeah me neither. soooo, basically today's 14th of feb and you know what that meansss. it's the "saya tak sambut Valentine's Day sebab saya beragama Islam" day :DDD oh come on people ! yesss, it is haram to celebrate such thing but do you really have to point that out ? like seriously ? especially on twitter. brace yourselves tweetheads. no, i mean like. it can cause chaos you know. Valentine's day IS haram and people can just google them if they're that naive. some people would even think it's a cult (which is not obviously). i don't know about you, but since i've entered sains kuching, i've learned a lot of things especially about other cultures and whatsoever. and you know what ? you don't see them saying "saya tak sambut aidilfitri sebab saya beragama....." and this is not just about Valentine's day. even other celebrations ! like christmas, deepavali, blablabla. maybe you don't feel the same way as i do right now, being petulant and all. but i'm in such a state because i do feel it's kinda irritating and annoying to see people posting these things on the internet. want to know something ? a number of my friends (non-muslims) said that we're being shallow minded and not respecting their religions. so how would we expect them to respect ours. i'm not taking sides here. it's just that, of course Valentine's day is haram. because of the shitty things people do and then get themselves pregnant. stupid. but it is not the ONLY day that we have to keep the awareness going among our brothers and sisters. every day is always a brand new start for us. to reflect ourselves at night, and improve the next morning. that's what we call self-motivation. you don't need to tell people "oh hey, i don't celebrate christmas because i'm  muslim" "oh hi there, valentine's day is haram so i'm not celebrating it" why only celebrations ? why not just go around town saying "oh hey, i don't drink alcohol because i'm a muslim" "oh pork ? nahh, i'm a muslim" just merely posting them on facebook or twitter. see what i mean ? i don't celebrate them and do all those haram things, yet you don't see me bugging around your newsfeed or timeline with the "i'm not celebrating this and that". oh sure you're a muslim and so am i. born as one and proud to be one, Alhamdulillah. sorry for being too emotional but we just have to bear in mind that we are undeniably surrounded by sins and already moulded in it. (well at least i know i am) and "maksiat" is not to be prevented on that certain day only, but everyday. i'm not perfect. well who is to be frank ? but we can always remind ourselves to be better :) a better muslim. every second we take to just "berdakwah" even a short one, InsyaAllah step by step Allah will grant us with pahala :) and may help us during the "hisab" process in akhirat InsyaAllah.


  1. finally die post jugak! Alhamdulillah. I feel the same way too, but I think its because people like to follow/say/tweet whatever other people do. I understand that too, I have non-muslim friends too, we all do well most of us, so kena la respect them too. ish, nk emo juga xpi tahan. karang karangan saya sama panjang dgn post awk. hikhik *gelakcomel

    1. Hahaha eceh tetiba ada blog baru kat bahagian comment ni pulak eh :p