Wednesday, April 10, 2013

asasi's done. what's next ?

Assalamualaikum :) well to put it this way, i'm officially an ex-asasian ? woah assassin :O kk nvm. frankly "typing", i'm not sure on what should i feel. my friends keep asking me to cry but i just can't and i don't know why. even up to this point, i still don't. but don't get me wrong. tears don't always mean sadness. and without tears streaming down your face, doesn't mean that you're not sad. it's just that you don't want to show it to other people but rather keep it to yourself. i do feel sad, i really do but i also can't hold myself back from saying that i'm also happy that asasi has come to an end. (it's the holiday spirit really). 5 months people ! are you freaking kidding me ? it's like repeating the "spm moments" all over again. back to applying for bla bla bla and so on. the whole scenario is like a dejavu. and me, well let's just say that i'll be contributing a lot to the "social networking" industry, i should deserve an award. moving on. a year, wait no. not a year. 8 months of studying at uitm puncak alam has given me too much wonderful significant memories to be cherished. oh yes, especially the stairs. oh wait, i use the bus :p (GBP) ! *insert GBP theme song here* hahaha. oh and i'm really blessed to have marvelous friends around to share the memories with. even though the schedule is pretty much the same every week, there will always be a new story to unfold each day. new reasons to be able to laugh out loud throughout the whole day :) come to think of it, it's only been less than a year, yet i feel like i've known them long enough :') thanks you guys for colouring my foundation year ! and these are the gifts my friends gave me to remember them by :)

first stop, this is from amira ! :D hahaha she even sewed it by herself :p she wanted to make it look like an actual teddy bear but it turned out even better ! a teddy monkey XD and she kept, actually asking me to cry during that moment hahaha but you know i just couldn't hehe :p thank you <3

next one is from syidah ! :D i was given this on her birthday ! how ironic is that ? hahaha aww how sweet. i almost cried during this one i have to admit, and i don't know why. the fact that it's on HER birthday and i only gave a her a birthday card :') but hope she loves it though :) thank you <3

and last but no least, this is from nad ! :D how sweet of her to give this beautiful keychain :) i love it so much that i still keep it in its plastic :p well i only took it out for "shooting" and then put it back to where it belongs haha :3 it's my twitter header just so you know haha (promote). thank you <3

and here you go, my wonderful extravagant magnificent classmates, F3 <3 

and especially these people down here, who have been almost 24/7 with me throughout the whole asasi year, and i love them truly deeply and am really blessed to have them as my "soulmates" :pp (m-bond) hehehe. 

from the left : me, amira, syidah, nad :))

oh look ! it's us again hehe. i love you cutegurlz_94 to infinity and beyond ! <3 and i really hope that our friendship will last to eternity <3 

goodbye asasi uitm puncak alam ! it's been a tough and a wild ride but that sort of ride is what brings me up and down through this amazing adveture :) really hope that i have the strength to face a new adventure, the future. and to be honest, i'm pretty scared of what it will bring me to. but you know what, i don't care. i'm gonna face it like a real grown up lady :pp and with Allah by my side, nothing is impossible InsyaAllah :)  pray for the best ! <3


  1. alooo ilove you too <3 :*

  2. awwww this made me so touched that i kept reading it again and again. In Sha Allah semoga kita dipertemukan lagi, nnti buat reunion eh :) love you too.