Tuesday, May 7, 2013

ramble on things. #2

Assalamualaikum ! by now, i think i might as well just update my blog once a month because that's what i've been doing for the past few months -.- maybe i should pull it together and make this blog a better... nation ? eh enough with politics. oh and congrats btw bn :) Allah knows best and if bn is the "chosen one" for the next five years, well you better work your butts off for us, bn. or you'll regret because ready or not, we will be qualified enough to vote for our next ruler of the country anytime soon. *threat* ha ha don't get me wrong. i'm not taking sides. let's just say that i'm enjoying the ride and going with the flow. oh and i've been wanting to express about this so called "free education" thingy. ah yes, please. please spoil us with free things because the best things in life are when they're free. of course as a student, i'm thrilled with this idea. but i don't think it's really that necessary. do they really think that by giving free education, they could encourage the students to study even harder ? nope. in my opinion, when we have to actually pay for it, then we would appreciate it. students would just take for granted if they kept being spoon fed and i'm expressing this as a student myself. besides, how will our country pay the debt that's already rising with this idea ? i don't want Malaysia to face bankruptcy in such a way that the "government" would spend more than they earn. okay i'm done with this topic. glad i finally let that out. phew. but anyhow, i surely hope that bn will do their job wisely for the sake of our beloved country. alright, back to reality. 9th of may 2013. i'm sure the date itself already gave us the chills. especially uitm students. let's just pray for the best and whatever happens, happens. whatever result that we may receive, let's just try to accept it with an open heart and also a positive mind. :') *pats back* i'm trying to not aim high or hope too much for this upcoming result because i can't bear to be disappointed (again) if i don't actually achieve what i desire. i mean who would ? but then again, i believe in what Allah has planned for me and if that's the plan, then i'm going for it.

oh ! one more thing that i had in mind to blab about. i know it's quite late but i just had to give my point of view on the situation between zain saidin and the juries during masterchef elimination. i have to admit, yes he was being rude and had no rights to talk in such manner to the juries especially when they are older than him. respect should be instilled right there. but you know what, i actually admire his courage in voicing out his opinion. again, he should have been more polite. but what he has said, does have its content and message, it was not an empty argument i can assure you that. sometimes we do need these kinds of people, the outspoken ones with vivid opinions. andddd again, but with respect and politeness.


          oh dear, look at the time. it's getting late ! until then, goodbye :) (it's ticking for 9th may 2013)

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