Friday, May 10, 2013

semester 2 result.

Assalamualaikum. soo technically, the uitm's 2nd semester final results are already in and congratulations for those who have managed to get astounding results. as for mineeee, em em it's the same as my 1st semester result which was 3.93. hahah idk why i find this funny. it's the stituation actually, when i was checking my result. i was like "seriously ? oh wait, this is not my 1st semester slip right ? they can't be wrong right ?" i basically thought that i've been trolled or whatnot so i went through all the course codes all over again. and yess, it's the exact copy of my 1st semester result. i got an A- for my biology. (again). but still, Alhamdulillah :) honestly i couldn't ask for more. :) for a minute there, i was quite relieved because i was expecting for the worst as i thought i really screwed up my finals especially biology. so my mind was like, filled with these negative thoughts, till at one point where i was just hoping that my parents won't hate me after they see my results. yes, i tend to overthink at times. okay fine, most of the time. but that's life right ? we just want things to run smoothly with a tiny bit of perfection. but sometimes we just have to accept the fact that not all things go the way we planned. we may screw up a little here and there but that's what keeps us moving forward even stronger and bolder i guess ? so yeah, here's my result. :)

well it would be a massive lie if i said that i'm not bummed for not getting 4.00. but at the same time, i'm very grateful and i can't thank Allah more for this solid 3.93 :') oh and i heard that there will be another result coming within a week ? upu result is it ? ah yes. the one we already received is from uitm. they say that upu will only take the 3 highest core subjects and sum it up to give our upu cgpa. soo let's just all pray for the best for this one as it is as important as uitm's result. or more important ? *dramatic pause* i'm not sure myself. but whatever it is, let's just remember that we can only plan things but the one who makes the decisions whether our plan is working or not, is none other than the Almighty. and there's always a reason behind every decision. so stay strong and never give up :)

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