Saturday, May 18, 2013

one step closer.

Assalamualaikum. first of all, let me just say this. Alhamdulillah :) so yeah, the name list for those who were offered to join the pre-med program is already out and honestly, i'm quite shocked about.. you know, my name happens to be in that particular list. it's all so overwhelming ya Allah, seriously i didn't expect for this at all. Alhamdulillah :') because like most of you know, i didn't get 4flat for both semesters. well, based on uitm's result that is. but hey, i managed to get 4flat for upu's result at least, Alhamdulillah :) okay i don't think that i can say Alhamdulillah enough but you get my point :) soo some people may think that i don't deserve this. (assumption) but i can't blame them, i didn't think i deserve this either. but then again, i will try to prove them and myself wrong :) Allah has given me this precious opportunity and really truly i can't thank enough for it. i won't waste this chance in pursuing medic for degree and InsyaAllah, with Allah's will, i will try my best to achieve that "successful muslimah doctor" title. Amin. oh and we happen to be the first batch who will be joining this program at uitm sg.buloh. apparently, the seniors before us attended it at uitm shah alam but i guess this new uitm  is finished already and ready to welcome us "juniors" :3 okay, want one of the tips to get pre-med ? during upu, all you have to do is just put medicine uitm as your first choice. other than that, pointer of course aha. you can read other blogs and they will tell you the same thing. well, i hope that helps. but i can't really guarantee you because it depends on Allah basically. we may be cautious in everything we do but when Allah wants you to hit a tree, oh you bet you will. oh just one quick reminder, i'm sick of people typing "its hurt" *bangs head on a wall* especially on twitter. it supposed to be "it hurts" come on. yes, i can be a grammar nazi sometimes but maybe i'm just too afraid to tell them that -,- oh and another thing, "congrates" *sigh* squeeze out the letter "e" please. what's the purpose of putting it there anyway. i'm confused. it's "congratulations" not "congratulationes" nor "congrateulations" T.T haha sorry, i tend to take these things seriously because it's kind of a reminder to myself too, in improving my english haha. ehh okay where was i, hahah where did that english teacher come from ==" right, pre-med. so yeah, the registration will be next week. praying for the best :) looks like i have to say goodbye to korea then *cries* my family and i were supposed to spend our holiday in korea next week... but for me, maybe next time *sigh* great timing. just great :') it's for the best i guess :') i'm sure Allah has better plans for me, and for all of us of course :) please give me strength ya Allah to go through this path that i'll be taking. please let it be the right one. Amin.