Friday, May 31, 2013

pre-med week 1

Assalamualaikum :) so far, Alhamdulillah i'm having a blast here, at uitm sg.buloh ! well, do emphasize on these two words "so far" but seriously, i managed to go pass through the first week of pre-med and it has actually boosten up my interest level in pursuing medic :) we already had our lectures on anatomy and physiology. there's another subject waiting which is biochem. next tuesday will be our group's turn to have our Very Early Clinical Exposure (VECE) visit at hospital selayang ! yeay ! oh and fyi, i happen to be the female chief for our group hahahah (group 5). urghh. well, my name happens to be on top of the list for girls because basically Farisa starts with the letter F. *sigh* so yeah, responsibility to be carried. -,- and the chiefs would have to inform the doctors for the VECE visit *double sigh* there are 12 groups altogether, which means 12 female chiefs and what do you know, 6 of them are from our house ! hahaha. so my housemates and i would write and "essay" and discuss how to inform the doctors in the most possible polite manner. hahah cute i know. at first, i wanted to just text "are you free on the bla3" haha but ogy (my housemate) told me that's like asking for a date rather than a visit haha. so in the end, our texts seem similar to one other hihi. mine will be handled by Dr.Lim Chiao Wen, idk whether it's a male or female -,- i'm not a pro with chinese names. but i hope all of it goes well next week :)

oh ! the other night, there's a firedrill. ayunni (housemate) and i got picked to be the firefighters for the demo hahahaha ! omggg i was so shocked at that time like, what the.. why me whyyyyy. of all the students out thereeee. *sighhhh* (again) my firends laughed at me hahahah especially nad ! grrr hahah and not to mention my dear, beloved housemates T.T "orang datang pre-med nak jadi doktor, ni jadi bomba" ayoo haha first time ! and i couldn't even tighten my helmet at that time =.= so i left it hanging while putting off the fire ayoyo *fail* okay enough with the "life saving" experience ehem. we actually got to see the dead bodies :D uuuu fascinating. all of us were like covering our nose because of the smell, and the staff there said "kenapa tutup hidung ? macam mana nak jadi doktor ni ?" and slowly, we put down our "nose covers" and just braced ourselves. *control* acted all tough and macho haha. the lecturers here are all dedicated and kind :) and the pre-med participants are all braniacs and einsteins from asasi sains palam. huhu i feel very timid here. but maybe i should take that as a challenge to improve myself :) soooo, one week down. four more weeks to goo ! bismillah. :)


  1. Cool lah Farisa, tak tahu pun dapat buat premedic! I hope it's not too late so wish you congrats :D Keep it up girl!

  2. tahniah!!! i wish i could be there too but my cgpa results stop me :)
    all the best bakal doktor :D

    1. aww thanks :) it's okay, there's plenty of opportunities out there waiting for you InsyaAllah :)

  3. I'm so proud of you kakak...May Allah ease your quest to become one of the best muslimah doctor and later the best muslimah specialist in Malaysia..Amin..

  4. Salam.... how did you get into pre med??? did you apply for it or get offered???