Friday, June 14, 2013

pre-med week 2&3

Assalamualaikum :) omgg it's already the end of 3rd week of pre-med ! 2 more weeks to go :D but the 5th week is exam week, so it doesn't really count does it. exam noo :( OSPE,MCQ and SAQ. OSPE is where we have to answer the questions, from one station to another.  MCQ is true or false and SAQ stands for short answer question, ie subjective questions. okay, let's put that aside for awhile shall we. basically, week 2 is when we started our VECE visit. our group (group 5) visited hospital selayang :) it's... well nice i think. sorta. we were assessed so we had to ask questions and participate and so on. the doctors are nice, they brought us on a trip around the block. we had to wear lab coats, so it's a bit awkward having everybody else staring at us like we're some sort of intruders. we walked in groups, so we just piled up the amount of people in the hospital which resulted in increase in the release of carbon dioxide thus increasing the "temperature" in the hospital -,- global warming much. so yeah, we got to see some patients :) and visited some of the wards. it's a very interesting yet fun experience :)

On the third week, it's much pretty much the same with lectures and all. but this time, our VECE visit was at klinik kesihatan taman ehsan. both hospital selayang and kk taman ehsan took us about half an hour of a bus trip from uitm sg.buloh :) well during our visit at kk taman ehsan, it's a bit different because we were divided into small groups of 3. and we were assigned at particular places to visit in the building. well our small group got the maternal child healthcare. it's nice to see kids and babies during their progress in developing :) there were 6 places that we had to visit altogether. there's x-ray, medical officer room, pharmacy, treatment room, and lab. during the visit, we had to observe and ask questions for further information. at the end of the visit, we had to do a presentation from each group and unfortunately, i was in group 1 so we had to present first -,- and at that time, i had a sore throat. so my presentation was filled with a macho-ey, rock-ish voice =.= but all and all, it was amazing :) oh and i'm still having the sore throat *sigh* i had a fever the other night and my housemates were such dearies to me :) i'm really grateful to have them by my side :* i'm getting better i think. well, keep praying farisa. *pats self* i'm home at the moment, well just for the weekend to be exact because tomorrow will be my cousin's wedding :D when will be my turn :( *slaps* okay enough. we'll discuss about that later :) so yes, that's about it for now. until then, stay awesome ! :D

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